Dead Cats and Couch Chats!

Hello people! It really has been too long. :)

There really never is a good reason for my not posting on here, so I will more often. The posts may be shorter though; just whatever I was thinking about at the end of a day and if there’s any news.

Speaking of news:
Dead Cat Café is FINALLY out! That’s right, soon to be the most beloved group of serial killers can now make their way through your screen and right into your living room! There isn’t too much of me in this first episode, but you’ll see a good amount of leg and get to know our characters better. So go on, watch away. :)

Now, what does “Couch Chats” mean exactly? Well, I’ve been working in my free time to start figuring out ideas for regular video blogs and projects for you guys. I want to share more than just some typed words every few weeks; I want to be able to actually talk with you guys when I can! So keep an eye on my YouTube channel, you’re going to be seeing some new content soon.

All right everyone, that’s a wrap! :D