New Year! (New Me?)

This is awkward, writing after so long. In fact, everyone tells me that I should be posting on here more, and I agree. But I’m going to write what I want to write.

So let’s do this.

The year is over! Good times and good riddance! I co-wrote a feature film this year, wrote my first script by myself (check that out at ), and of course I have acted in a few projects…well, 8. I’ve been in 8 projects this year and joined SAG-AFTRA.

Holy crap! That’s so many things for one year! Right?!

Actually… no, I could have done a lot more, a LOT more with my year. Just one example: it took me 11 months to co-write that feature. And I say ‘me’ because it was definitely my fault that it is so far behind the original schedule.

I’ve let myself down. I really have, and it’s assisted me in letting others down. There’s no inspirational saying about “but not anymore”, because that doesn’t change the past.

Can’t dwell on that though. This is a new year just 2 hours anyway! I mean, dwelling on something automatically takes you out of what’s happening right now. Acting class teaches you things like that about acting, but for some reason I never attributed it to life. Because that’s too obvious.

So what is 2015?

2015 is the year of…active caring.

I sit around and say I care about a lot of things, and I honestly care about almost all of them. But I don’t show it with my actions. That has to change. I get the privilege of changing that about myself.

It’s not inspirational quotes or stories that inspire me. It’s myself and necessity. It’s necessary for me to work on myself and share that more full self with the ones I care about. And that takes action.

Now is the time to act!!