Words of Welcome! (And Upcoming Attractions!)

Hello everybody, and welcome to my brand new blog and by extension, bradpainteractor.com!

This blog serves as a running news feed of what’s going on in my life from day to day. Here you can find information about shows I’ll be performing in, films of mine that are premiering soon, webseries, YouTube videos, and basically information on any project I’m involved in! You’ll also hear news about upcoming events you may be able to spot me at, so keep checking back!

Now for the first update:

I am now officially a part of “Disco: Diary of a Failed Hooker” with RnD Productions! The show is a hilarious improv piece about a boombox that only plays disco, and the people who discover it. The show is on May 23, and it only costs ten dollars to attend! The money is going to a charity helping today’s youth stay off of the streets and away from gang activity. More information will be coming before the week is out, but start clearing your calendar today!

Have you had enough theatre for the day? How about a webseries about a group of serial killers? It’s called “Dead Cat Cafe,” and we just finished principal photography a few days ago! I play the part of Shane, a doctor with a very dark secret caused by his desire to help others. The entire series is written and directed by my good friend Josh Buono, and it is a very offbeat dark comedy. I can’t reveal too much about the story, but what I can tell you is that it’s scheduled for release in May. Stay tuned!

Later on this year, you can find me at IMTA in New York, the International Model and Talent Association! For those of you unfamiliar with IMTA, it is basically a large convention and competition for actors, models, and singers held in front of an audience of hundreds of casting directors, talent managers, and producers of some of the best upcoming content in the entertainment industry. It’s an amazing opportunity to be going; this could be the boost that launches my career! As always, I promise to keep you all informed. :)

Well, that about wraps things up for this post. Feel free to check out the rest of my site, and follow me on Twitter if you want more frequent updates on what’s happening in my life.

I’ll see you all soon!
- Brad