Not always talking.

Hey everyone.

Tonight I’m feeling serious. Carefree, but seriously so. The truth is, I know that this is mostly where I can just let myself out into the world, share my words and my thoughts.

The issue I’m having with this blog right now is simple: it’s just advertising.

The projects I get to work on excite me, but sometimes it’s hard to just talk about them on here. If I’m honest, I don’t know who reads this blog. I don’t have too many hits, which isn’t too discouraging as long as what I write is true. Ernest Hemingway used to say that there were never any good or poor writings, only writing that was true and came only from truth. Now I’ve never read Hemingway, but I think he really has something there. And even though the projects I’m a part of are real, and I think they’ve all been good thus far, they aren’t truly what I want to use this blog for.

This blog is for me; for my mind, and for my ability to share myself with you. To share things you may find interesting to know about me, maybe even things you find interesting in general. At least one person who reads this may think differently about writing because of one or two sentences about Hemingway in the previous paragraph.

And that’s kind of what I want right now.

Don’t worry though, there are still updates to be had, events to be shared and things to look forward to seeing and listening to. I am starting a vlog, that wasn’t a lie. A lot has been happening though, and some projects need to be put on hold while bigger ones come to light. Not better ones, just bigger. Anything I want to share with you should come from a pure interest in entertaining you and sharing who I am, so that any one of you can have a personal connection to me in some way.

In that light, I’ve made steps to make acting a career of mine, instead of keeping it in a stage that most would just call an intense hobby.

I’m now SAG-Eligible.
What does that mean? Well, SAG-AFTRA is a union for film and television actors, one that any movie you’ve probably ever seen at a theatre has dealt with. Being a part of it means that I’m more likely to be taken seriously in audition rooms, on casting calls, any time that someone looks at my resumé. This shows that I’m pursuing acting as a career now; people don’t just have to take my word for it. This was my biggest goal of this year, and I cannot believe that it came true. I really can’t. :)

I was in two short films.
One was the short film that made me SAG-Eligible, and it’s going to the Grand Junction Film Festival. Since this is my first production to be sent to a festival, I’m very excited to see where this goes. I would never have gotten this chance without a new friend of mine. A really good friend. If you’re reading this, thank you. :)
The second, which was done for an old friend, is the first romantic comedy I’ve done in a while. And I’ve got to tell you, I’ve missed them. I love the sweet stories. :) And this film was also cool, because it was shot entirely on a CBS Studios soundstage. It’s an experience I can’t wait to have again.

Dead Cat Café is finished airing for now.
If you’ve been watching, I was in a web series called Dead Cat Café in which I play a serial killer with a bunch of really…unique…serial killer friends. It’s equal parts Tarantino and Eli Roth, so I’d check it out if I were you. It was a blast to make. I’ve included a link to Season One’s playlist below. Will there be a Season Two? No news yet, just speculation. But I think there’s a good chance of one next year, and I’ll probably be involved. :)

I have a web radio show starting up soon!
Yes, you read that correctly; I have a web radio show now. It’s not started yet, and there are no determined starting dates as of yet. Most likely within the next two weeks you’ll be hearing me live on the air, with a 2 hour long show at 8am to 10am Pacific Time on Wednesdays to start. Why to start? Well, I’m making the show myself, only broadcasting through a service similar to iHeart Radio called LiveSircuit Radio. The show is mine, every word and every song choice, every request is made to me directly and every guest is invited by me personally. Although this is amazing, I don’t have a good way to judge how much air time I’ll need, or what time I should swap to if I should pick another. The first month or so of shows will definitely be two hours long at 8am to 10am, but that may change in the future. I’ll let you all know the details of how to listen and call in once my show starts airing. Remember, keep your Wednesday mornings free.

Now that I have typed out all of those projects, I feel like they were worth sharing, for my sake. I don’t think anyone will mind, as long as I like what I’m saying.

For now, this song fits my mood.
It’s 1:59 AM, Sunday November 3rd.
Thanks for taking the time to read.

Enjoy your day.

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